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Connecting sales people to generate more business for everyone.

Keep challenging yourself

We can always get better at what we do. From cold-calling to closing opportunities and managing clients, get personalized advice from our coaches to help you achieve your goals and grow into your job.

Extend your professional network

You're reorganizing your sales team? Implementing a new process to manage inbound leads? You may want to know how best-in-class companies work. Sharework connects you just with the right people to help.

Learn to help others

Everyone has some area of expertise. Whether you are already managing people or not, learning to share your own knowledge with peers is something that will make you grow as a professional. Plus it feels good, you'll see.

Join our community

Our awesome members come from more than 600 companies. In the Sharework community, all members can ask for help or be solicited to help other members. It's free because it's based on mutual aid and reciprocity, and that's what makes this community so great.